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So we are in 2020...Don't ask me where the time has gone, I will be 21 next year and that is slightly terrifying. This year brings its unique set of challenges with it as well as some incredible opportunities. Firstly, I made a new years resolution and so far I have stayed true to it. Anyway, the challenge is to go caffeine-free for the entirety of 2020. In essence, no coffee, chocolate, energy drinks or Coca Cola. Now for those who know me, they know that coffee is essentially part of my identity, I lived on the stuff. I suppose that is where the idea stemmed from, I wanted to see if I could live my life without something that I felt I had become dependant on. Anyway, we are over two weeks into 2020 and so far it hasn't been too bad. I really miss my morning flat white but replacing it with Keri orange kitchen juice is going down well. Anyway, enough about my resolutions, photography.

This year is exciting! I am super fortunate to be going into it with some of the best equipment I have ever owned and I have some really exciting projects that are booked. On the note of equipment, let's talk about that. Now in no way is this meant to be a "flex", as I truly believe that you can be an incredible photographer with any kind of camera, however with the ability to produce higher quality images is really beneficial for my type of work.

My current setup consists of a Canon 6D Mark II Full- frame DSLR and a Canon 7D Mark II APS-C DSLR. Both pieces of equipment are incredible at what they do. The full-frame ability of the 6D gives you some incredible editing opportunity in post with your images while the 7D allows me to capture incredibly fast continuous shooting. The lenses I currently have are the Canon 24-70mm F/2.8 and the Canon 17-50mm F/2.8 lenses.

With all that is happening this year, I can't wait to further upgrade my equipment. I will be continuing to occasionally post equipment blogs, ie what flashes I use and my film setup.


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